Galarrwuy Yunupingu (born 1948, Gumatj people), Bakulangay Marawili (1944-2002, Madarrpa people), Djambawa Marawili (born 1953, Madarrpa people), Marrirra Marawili (born c. 1937, Madarrpa people), Djewiny Ngurruwuthun (born c. 1940, Munyuku people), Wenten Rubuntja (c.1926-2005, Arrernte/Aranda peoples), Lindsay Jampijinpa (1951-2009, Waripiri people), D. Williams Japanangka (1948-2013, Waripiri people). Barunga Statement, 1988, Gifts Collection.
Australian Parliament House

The Barunga Statement was presented to Bob Hawke in 1988, by Galarrwuy Yunupingu AM and Wenten Rubuntja AM. The statement is a painted declaration that includes the aspirations of “the Indigenous owners
and occupiers of Australia” and a request to the Australian government and people to “recognise our rights”. In delivering the statement, Yunupingu described it as “something to remind any government…
that Aboriginal people will always be in front of their policy making and decision making”. In his final act as prime minister, Hawke had the statement accepted in a ceremony at Parliament House, where it is still on display. You can see this, and the rest of the national collection, in Canberra.

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