Black lace dress made by Lindy Chamberlain, 1970s, and worn by Azaria Chamberlain in 1980. Photograph by Dragi Markovic, National Museum of Australia.
National Museum of Australia

When Lindy Chamberlain dressed her baby, Azaria, in a black dress originally made for her son Reagan, it created a stir. Some people said it was an unnatural colour for a child to wear. “People either loved or hated it,” Lindy said. Following the disappearance of two-month-old Azaria at Uluru, on August 17, 1980, Lindy was convicted of murder and served three years before a royal commission cleared the Chamberlains of any involvement. In 2012, a coronial inquest finally found that Azaria had been taken by a dingo. At the time of the original court case, this black dress formed part of the public speculation about what happened.

It can be seen, along with the rest of the national collection, in Canberra.